Essential Pieces of Mountain Biking Gear

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Whether you are a professional or unprofessional riders, it will take you a large amount of money to buy all of accessories for your first mountain bike model in any store. Actually, there are always enough accessories of mountain bike in any biking stores and they will sell anything which they have to you. However, the main problem is how to purchase safe and high quality products by a reasonable money at riding shops or prestigious websites in the Internet like In my opinion, you just need purchase some following essential items for a perfect ride:


Are more costly motorbike helmets safer?

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The 80s commercial of most of the manufacturers Bell seems to bear the slogan: “When you have a ten dollars head, just put on a ten dollars helmet”. This philosophy these days has become a widely-accepted and deeply-ingrained idea among motorbike riders. It also means it is worth spending as much as money on the helmet. But the question is whether your expensive helmet will protect your head better than the cheaper helmet or not.

There’re numerous safety standards for motorbike helmets. While the US uses DOT and Snell, the UK has BS 6658-1985 specification – the standard of Europe is ECE22.05 that equals the DOT of the US.

Helmet types

I don’ think this can be completely proven yet it seems to motorbikes that a flip front helmet can provide a low level of protection than a full face one. For more detail of the appearance, you can check out Nolan n104 type of helmet.

Helmet models in the database are divided into 2 categories: “system” and full face. The former refers to what is called flip front helmets. This type of helmets has a jaw section that you could increase in order to be used as an open-face helmet or to pay money for your petrol without making the cashier scary.

There’s a greater percentage of top rated full face helmets. It is estimated that the most common rating for flip front helmets is three stars, compared with 4 stars for a full face. However, full face helmets are dominating in the dataset. Most of the brands would only manufacture several flip models.

SHARP ratings

In England, a safety scheme has been set up to scientifically determine whether a helmet will be considered sufficient protective or not. The whole process of assessment takes place in the simulated crash like tests that are designed by using real world data.

They condensed the figures from nearly 32 tests into an extremely simple five-star rating. The five-star helmet is said to offer a really good level of protection. Their data contains a sum of 328 helmets.


Easy steps to turning into a touring motorcycle rider

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Spring is coming. The sun is starting to melt the snow and warm the earth. It is time to take your motorbike out of the storage onto the road. Great motorcycle riders will never give up learning and improve. However, you perhaps do not get your license or you are just content to stand aside and watch some of your friends head the road with their motorbikes for numerous thrill seeking and adventure.

Perhaps this should be the year that you eventually jump in. As it is true that you are able to learn how to ride a motorcycle and take part in some amazing road trips with your friends at any time of the season. In these motorcycle helmet reviews, we will show you how with the right training, just one day or 2 on dirt trails, you can try a multi-day road trip.

One year before, with the support of sponsors Parts Canada and Honda Canada, I taught a blogging couple Deb Corbeil and Dave Bouskill how to ride a motorcycle and head to the Ride Lake Superior route in only one season. They had never sat on a motorbike before, apart from scooters in the Southeast Asia.

We’re lucky to note all of their transformation from very beginning to finishing a 2,300 ride in ten days. And I could make sure that there is no more exciting emotion than becoming true riders by advancing your skills until you can take one all big adventures. If you do not believe what I say, watch the series that recorded their advantageous journey from fresh rookies to the king of the road. I ensure it will not disappoint you.


Motorcycle gear cleaning and care guide

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Motorbike gear could be a big investment. It is important to ensure your motorbike gear is under lots of right care. The followings are a helpful instruction to maintaining and cleaning kinds of gear constructed from textile, leather or hybrids.

Leather care and maintenance

Motorbike gear is traditionally made of abrasion-resistant, tough and good-looking leather. It is mainly from cowhide, but you can find other hides such as kangaroo or goatskin in the market nowadays. The leather is pretty strong, abrasion-resistant and durable as well. But it will need to be taken care of properly in order for it to stay great-looking and remain its good job that is to save your skin from some impacts.

  • Like your skin, sweat and sun have a negative effect on leather. If you are taking a ride frequently, and particularly you regularly sweat in your motorbike gear, your gear should be washed frequently, maybe once or twice a month.
  • Silicone is not a problem to your zippers; yet don’t use any kind of silicone based shine product since the silicone may harm your leather.
  • In case your zippers do not work smoothly and often getting stuck, you could lubricate them using silicone based lubricants like motor silicone spray.
  • On a daily basis, before and after washing, utilize baby wipes in order to get rid grime and other bug guts of your jacket. Those are good cleaning tools that will not damage your leather.
  • The similar rules go for race suits and leather pants, but gloves are a bit harder. Your gloves will need to be made wet totally and rubbed more carefully since they’re more salts and oils to remove and it is a bit tougher to clean them from inside. After washing, pat them until they are dry and then let them air dry overnight, and finally shape them cautiously in order for them not to have any creases or wrists after being dry. They may feel very brittle and dry afterward, even after a process of conditioning, yet wearing them could make them feel normal quickly.


Examining and servicing off-track motorbike tyres

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When you are out taking a ride off road, your weight and your motorcycle weight will put high pressure on your motorbike’s tires. So it is really important to ensure your motorbike’s tyres are in the best condition. Use our instruction to examining and servicing motorcycle tires.

Whether you are taking a ride on streets or on dirt, one important part of your motorcycle gears  is your tyres. Under the pressure of your weight and your tire’s weight, your tire’s condition can mall the big difference between riding off-road and taking an interesting ride.

One thing you should bear in mind is to inspect your tyres before taking any ride. It takes only a few minutes to do that job. It also helps you find some important problems that can place you in danger on your ride. As examining your tires, there’re 4 essential things you should take into account.  Let’s take a look at those things:

1) Checking the air pressure

At any time you are taking a ride off road, you should maintain the pressure of air in both tires. The followings are what could occur in case you are not riding with right tire pressures:

  • Tire or tube failure
  • Over inflation decreases the contact field of your tyres, as the tires couldn’t stick to the ground that can reduce traction.
  • Premature or irregular wear of tires
  • Under inflation can lead your tires to slide out of the roads, resulting in more air loss, eventually leading to pinching flats.


How to select the suitable large displacement motorcycles for newbies

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Today, the emergence of a large cylinder motorcycle in the street is no longer a stranger to the people as the years before. Market large displacement motorcycles have become very active because more and more people involved in this personality passion. In this context, the selection of a motorcycle so that reasonable both in price and features as well as the stature of people running for those who started playing the car is very noticeable.

These are things that you can use for reference when introductory play large displacement motorcycles:

1. Select the appropriate vehicle

Motorcycles are divided into many types, each according to the structure, features that have different purposes. Currently, the basic motor type and the most common are: Sport-bike, Naked-bike, Cruiser, Touring, sport-touring (very suitable for those riders who are usually on tour ), Naked-muscle, Street-fighter, Café Racer (vintage car that Honda 67 ancient form), Chopper (long high handlebars, fender truncated) … the line of motorcycles the classification parameters are the size, style, different characteristics. Players can learn skills to select appropriate models for your body and use your own.

2. Select the cylinder capacity

Usually, people prefer cars psychology major performance current (cubic centimeters tall, modern …), this is a very wrong thing. For those who first bought the car, one thing is definitely not recommended motor vehicles with a cylinder capacity exceeding 600cc (unless already have long experience). Large displacement cars of this type are suitable only for professional riders, who had seniority on motorcycle drivers or motorcycle expert only.


Classification of the main motorcycles

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Sportbike, naked bike, cruiser, scooter … are calling on large displacement motorcycles  appeared daily.

Since the advent of motorcycles has a lot of variations to suit the different operational purposes. Between the cars sometimes differ slightly; all classifications are gradually convention widely accepted.

1. Underbone

This is the most popular cars in many countries today, most models on the market of such underbone Wave, Future, Sirius, Exciter … A key feature of this vehicle is located underneath the engine chassis , the fuel tank under the saddle. With this design, the focus vehicle is on backward or in the middle, the front end gently.

This car also has another variant called hyper-underbone as Suzuki Raider 150 models, Honda Nova…

2. Scooter

Scooter is that unmanned vehicles could gently step through frame (step-through frame) and has space to the front foot. This type of design appeared on the first day of the dawn motorcycle industry. From scooter usually refers to motor vehicles with a capacity of 50 to 250 cubic centimeters.

Scooter is not only using provided CVT gearbox (scooter) as most cars today; this model also uses a manual gearbox with integrated insect numbers and in left-hand drive. Some remains of car design similar to lines such undergone backward engine, fuel tank under the saddle. Motorcycle Scooter is kind rim diameter smaller than most other cars.

3. Sportbike

Sportbike motorcycling is designed to optimize the speed, acceleration, braking and cornering on paved roads, not optimized for comfort when driving and fuel consumption levels.

Soichiro Honda, the founder of the Japanese automaker has written that “the essentials of the motorcycle are mainly speed and excitement” and the result was the birth of the CB750 in 1969, breaking all barriers strength and speed at that time. Then sportbike only is viewed purely based on speed, engine power but not pay much attention to style, design.



10 things to consider when buying large displacement motorcycles

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There are tons of reasons why you want to put the money to buy a motorcycle, but there are also a ton of issues to keep in mind to be able to buy a motorcycle lifestyle.

1. Select the appropriate vehicles

Did you wonder where to start it? So the answer would be: classify and select the type of vehicle best suits you. This is the most important stage, but also complex and requires the most meticulous because there are too many choices by the motorcycle manufacturer has created a lot of different vehicles. The biggest difference between these types of large motorcycles is intended use. On purpose, large displacement motorcycles are divided into three main categories are on-road, off-road and dual-purpose (i.e. both on-road vehicles and off-road).

If your passion focused on a specific vehicle type (such as a cruiser-bike or Sport bike), selecting vehicles will become easier because now your choices will narrow within two to three vehicles (e.g. Power-cruiser or touring-cruiser)

2. Calculate the size cars

Calculate choosing a vehicle large cylinder size fit stature is more complex stages many people imagine. Of course, you can fully test the car at the place of sale or even sit test on a certain distance. However, there are some cars for the first time feeling comfortable on short distances, but when running for some time on the highway, the driver suffered back often feel achy, painful even.

Because of the complexities and difficulties, choose the size of your car’s owner to the most controversial on the forums for people to use motorcycles, even some sites are designed both stimulus calculation scheme size comfort car buyers choose.

Therefore, be calculated carefully to choose the car in shape and size matching, and try to answer the following questions: When riding your body weight has been put on the wrist or not? Your knees bent too much? Have your hands to hand themselves over to drive or not? Let’s answer that question honestly.